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Inspire 2 Move mobile dance program is a program where students learn multiple genres of dance including ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, modern and lyrical. Each class focuses on the history, vocabulary, technique and cultural context behind each form of dance. Every student gets a chance to showcase their own artistic voice by creating and sharing dance sequences created in small groups. The class fosters structured and supportive interactions with classmates, give practice in problem solving, and building academic as well as artistic skills. Additionally, the class highlights the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and positive group interactions through group and partner work. Students in the Inspire 2 Move Dance Program have the opportunity to perform in an informal presentation showcasing the knowledge gained during the classes for their peers, teachers, family and the greater community!

The dance program allows students to Inspire to become conscience and engaged citizens using dance as a vehicle for success and transformation. Inspire 2 Move dance program demonstrates that dance can be used to:

I mprove academic achievement
N urture young minds
S olve conflict
P romote Health and fitness
I mprove self esteem
R espect others and the environment
E mbrace community and diversity


Each after school program is structured differently from eight weeks to year round program depending on the school. The program can be either be parent paid (enrollment based), funded through the schools with grants, the PTA or fundraising or a combination of parent paid and school funding. The cost will be an hourly rate $12.50 per student. If parent pays, parents will pay directly to Inspire 2 Move. Inspire 2 Move will provide the marketing material, flyers and handle all payments and registration (one-time fee of $10). As part of a fundraiser for the host school, the school receives 3% for all paid tuition paid each month.

Bring Inspire 2 Move to your school. Contact us at 313.888.7450 for more information.

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